My Story

Its about my personal life experiences, ideas and stories

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Shall we?


Chapter 1


I wrote a long story, 7-9 chapters deep. But now, but Now it feels like I shouldn't write much about my life for some reason. So, just 3 chapters. Here's how it goes.

On the dawn of August 2nd, 2002, in the heart of South Asia, a precious child came into this world, igniting a flame of immeasurable joy within the hearts of his entire family. Thus began the poignant tale of my existence, woven with threads of gratitude and boundless love.

Where I was born, people around me were not very educated. It was tough. But my parents? They fought for me. They pushed me to learn, and I did. From the very beginning I loved to learn and study from books. I soared in school, top of the class. My pals, Rakib, Rahul, and the rest? They were ace, too. And I? Just one of them, shining bright.

After school, we fled the village for peace. But in 2020, just as I entered college, disaster struck. Dad fell terribly ill. Just when I hoped for focused study, BAM! Life threw me a curveball. And in college? Alone, without a friend in sight.

By some miracle, I aced the college exam. But it didn't matter much. My school friends? They were all gearing up for university.

I don't blame anyone but me. But what went down in college and right before is

  • Dad battled severe sickness, endured a surgery, and more.

  • Lost someone I deeply love.

  • My grades dropped from top to bottom in two years. It hurts. I used to excel, now I wonder who I am.

  • Learned profound lessons about human nature during this tumultuous period.

Conclusion: Everything/ Everyone I cared & loved is GONE.


Choices have consequences.

But many weren't mine, still, they weigh on me.

Chapter 2


Now, I'm desparately trying to find a reason to live, Who cares, besides Mom and Dad? Trust me, They're the only reason I'm still breathing without them I would've been gone long ago. I mean we all need a reason to live, right? I can't just exist!

And some people call life is a gift? I don't know if it's a gift or curse but all I want sometimes is to switch off my heart for a while, just to feel nothing.

My dad and mom did everything they can for me since I was born, So If I end it, 20 years of their life will be wasted. I can't do that to them. I can't.

So I don't have a choice. Responsibilities, whether I like my life or not, they're there.

Time to do it. Thankfully, I had many good habit which might make my work easier. For example:

  • Good listener

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  • Not on social media, less screen time, less content overload.

  • Enjoy coding and solving problems.

  • Have good communication skills, still there's always room for improvements

  • Early to bed early to rise

  • Reading

  • Traveling & exploring new place and people.(I mean, who doesn't have this?)

  • Organized, dislike messiness

  • Discerns whom to talk to and whom to avoid.

  • Always have a feeling I need to learn more and more

I know it'll take time, but I'm going to do it anyway!

Final Chapter

At the end

When we were young, we used to love MANY things, little things such as toys or swimming. But as we grow up, we start to love very few things or precisely two or three things you can count them. For me it's only 3 things - Her, Want to see the world and . Actually only 2!

Second one is keeping me alive and the first one is killing me every seconds, every moment. I don't know which one will win at the end!

[The Priority]

Besides all the things we've learned & seen, World Wars, Pandemics, Racism, Religion, Politics, InJustice, Science, Techonology, Broken generation and all other things, The best and the most important thing you can do in your life is to spend each and every single moment with the -

People you love

someone you should care